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Punjab, the land of enchanting fields and heart-warming people, is a state most acclaimed for its cultural richness. The state that receives the beauty of 5 gurgling rivers paves the way for tourists to revel under its charm.

One of the largest cities in Punjab. Amritsar is the spiritual capital and a major pilgrimage spot for the Sikhs. The city boasts of its various temples and shrines mostly dedicated to the Sikh culture and the main commercial activities found here are tourism, carpets, handloom fabrics and handicrafts. The city is also famous for its amazing Punjabi cuisines. The city was formerly known by the names Ramdaspur and Ambersar before the 4th Guru of Sikh religion, Guru Ram Das renamed the city to ‘Amritsar’. The city is built with a unique architectural style prominent in the 17th and 18th century called ‘Katras’ and is characterized by its narrow streets.

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