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Sikkim is one place to be headed to this summer if all you want to do is be nestled in a cozy spot among the hills and gaze at the mountains, lakes and monasteries nearby. Sikkim is small, quiet and self contained and mind blowing in terms of beauty. It needs no introduction as a famous top notch tourist spot and it packs a lot of punch. There are Buddhist monasteries, lakes, waterfalls, sport openings like backpacking and even something as quirky as a haunted house that is a tourist attraction. Sikkim is best paid a visit in Summer, from April-May to June, or even in winter, from September to December.

For those who love anything and everything about mountains, visiting Gangtok could be a dream come true moment. Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, is situated at an altitude of 5500 feet above sea level and on the eastern Himalayan range. Mount Himalayas hold a magic so powerful that you cannot help but be mesmerized. The view of Khangchendzonga from Gangtok is awe-inspiring. The name Gangtok means ‘lofty hill’. It rose to prominence after the construction of Enchey Monastery in the year 1840, as it then became a popular pilgrimage for followers of Buddhism.

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