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Tripura is a hilly state in northeast India, bordered on 3 sides by Bangladesh and home to a diverse mix of tribal cultures and religious groups. It is blessed with not only a rich heritage and culture but also a beautiful landscape and natural beauty. It is a thriving tourist destination as it offers a lot of unique and beautiful places to visit.

Famous as the largest city of the state of Tripura, Agartala is also the well-known capital of said state. Agartala holds an array of historical and mythological importance due to its mentions in the scriptures of the Mahabharata and the fact that the kings who ruled Agartala were quite the ambitious ones. During the British rule, Agartala was known as a princely state. Situated at the banks of the Howrah River, this city is a beautiful one, with a subtropical climate and rains nearly all year long. During the summer, it gets extremely hot and humid, so the best time to visit would be in the short winter that lasts from November to early March. There are various temples across the city along with as many churches but only one or two mosques. Monasteries can also be found in a couple places. You can travel to Agartala through airways, road and railway.

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