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West Bengal

West Bengal
Sandwiched between the Eastern Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal, the state of West Bengal is home to over 90 million people. The fourth most populous state of the country still emanates the ghost of the East India Company through its glorious architecture and vibrant culture. Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal also served as the capital of the British Raj for many years. From the snowy cover of the mountains, dense green forests, crowded cities, historical villages and towns to the glittering blue sea, West Bengal has it all. Offering all kinds of thrilling experiences, the state is a paradise for adventurers.

Located in the Indian state of West Bengal, Darjeeling is known for its tea industry. The city is located amidst the lower Himalayas that are also known as the Mahabharat Range. The town was developed in the mid-19th century by the British and soon the town came to be known for its vast tea estates that produce the best Tea in the country. The city was controlled by the kingdom of Sikkim till it was taken by the Gorkhas and subsequently the British. The town is located at an average elevation of 2050 meters and comes under the eastern Himalayan Zoo-geographic zone. The town is endowed with a rich cultural history and natural resources and due to its pleasant climate all year round, is a popular tourist spot.

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